New research shows that advertising on Irish radio is highly trusted compared to other advertising formats

In addition to having to think about challenges like brand growth and ad avoidance, marketers need to increasingly focus on building trust with consumers.

Nielsen's Trust in Advertising Study was conducted in September 2021 and Irish specific data was released in June this year. The data shows that advertising on Irish radio is highly trusted while there are significantly lower levels of trust with online advertising formats. 78% of Irish adults stated that they "trust completely" or "trust somewhat" advertising on radio. In comparison. trust levels for online video ads and ads on social media were much lower, at 46% and 35% respectively.

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When respondents were asked, to what extent do they take action having heard different forms of advertising, 63% of adults say they take action having heard ads on Irish radio and this figure compares very favourably compared to other advertising formats. Respondents also stated that advertising containing real life situations and humorous advertising resonates most with them.


trust completely/somewhat advertising on irish radio


take action having heard ads on Irish radio


of adults say humorous advertising resonates

Globally, trust in advertising is lowest in North America. Importantly, a lack of trust means a lack of action when consumers encounter ads.  The Nielsen Trust in Advertising survey was conducted globally in September 2021 and included online survey responses from more than 40,000 consumers across Latin America, North America, Europe, MENA and Asia-Pacific. The Irish specific data was realsed in June this year. You can access the presentation below.

Download presentation here

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