New study smashes the "signt, sound and motion" myth

The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned Mediaprobe, a leader in neuro creative testing, to deliver a major new study on audio effectiveness. The objective of the research was to understand the overall strength of ad engagement, brand fit, and recall of broadcast radio advertising. 227 adult18+ respondents participated. The study took place June 26–July 7, 2023.

The key learning objectives were understanding the emotional signature of successful AM/FM radio ads and comparing Mediaprobe AM/FM radio benchmarks against their overall TV norms.

Key findings were that despite lacking “sight, sound, and motion,” radio individual ads are +5% more impactful than individual TV ads.

Overall, AM/FM radioa dvertising’s Emotional Impact Score (EIS) outperformed TV advertising by+12%. These new findings validate the recently released Dentsu/Lumen study, which revealed audio ads outperform video for attention and brand recall.

Mediaprobe audio benchmarks reveal the sound contrast between AM/FM radio programming and the ads drives higher attention and brand recall. For example, ads with music and jingles per form very well in spoken word programming due to the contrast.

The Mediaprobe Electrodermal Sensor fits into the palm of your hand and allows out-of-lab and real-time measurement of unconscious reactions to ads and media content, providing an accurate assessment of the audience’s attentiveness and engagement

Consumers in the Mediaprobe panel participate in the comfort of their home. Participants slip the Mediaprobe sensor into their palm and watch or listen to assigned media content.

The sensor picks up and measures electrodermal activity – changes in the electrical conductance of skin – that is a tried and tested, valid and robust measure of emotional engagement.

The results from the Mediaprobe sensor are synced to the moments from the TV show, TV ad, audio content, and audio ads. Mediaprobe’s Emotional Impact Score is calculated from the electrodermal activity of the audience exposed to content.

The Mediaprobe sensor is worn on the hand as consumers are exposed to content in their home. Electrodermal Activity (EDA) is calculated from the average of electrodermal activity signal. This isa very robust measure of emotional activation.

The Emotional Impact Score (EIS)is calculated from the electrodermal activity of the audience exposed to the content.

Unconscious reactions get to the heart of what consumers really feel about media and ads. People might come up with reasons why they buy certain products or what they think of an ad. But often, they are just trying to rationalize their unconscious reactions. That’s why neuro studies are so interesting, as they measure the unconscious responses of consumers.

You can find more information by clicking the button below to download the presentation.

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