Radiocentre Ireland releases needstate research which show the drivers behind the continued growth in audio

 This Radiocentre Ireland study examines the drivers behind the continued growth in the audio landscape, identifying the reasons people listen to audio entertainment and understanding the opportunities these present for advertisers. 

The study is built on two new proprietary research studies conducted on behalf of Radiocentre Ireland by independent research agency Differentology, who have extensive experience in developing audience and advertising effectiveness insight.

Building on improved distribution, established and newer audio formats play complementary roles for listeners, enhancing the medium’s relevance for all listener groups, leading to ongoing growth in the audio audience.

Audiences have a wide range of needs that influence their media choices. In this study, Audio is revealed to fulfil seven specific need-states highly effectively.  – keep me company, keep me in the loop, lift my mood, block out the world, spark conversations, broaden my horizons, provide a social soundtrack. The audio need-states provide advertisers with powerful opportunities to reach critical mass audiences with enhanced relevance of messaging.

The research showed that live radio and on-demand audio formats, rather than competing, play complementary roles for listeners. Live radio listening is driven by the need to feel energised/uplifted and connected to social groups and the wider world. Podcast listening is led by a desire to learn new things and develop deeper understanding of selected topics while on demand music listening is centred around mood management. Live radio leads listening time and delivers the highest reach within all seven audio need-states, underpinning why it remains the most widely listened-to form of audio entertainment and, therefore, continues to play a crucial role for advertisers.

Please click below to access the presentation deck and watch a recording of the presentation.







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