Radiocentre Ireland reveals CampaignFX, a new appraoch to audio advertising evaluation

Radiocentre Ireland introduced Campaign FX audio effectiveness research. a new approach to radio advertising evaluation.  It focusses on measuring campaign outputs, key ‘upper funnel’ brand advertising metrics such as brand awareness, advertising awareness, brand consideration and category entry point analysis.  The research was conducted by UK research company Colourtext, a company that focuses on advertising research for all media platforms. 

CampaignFX for Ireland is built based on the vast experience gained from a project in the UK called Radiogauge which has completed over 1,000 radio advertising evaluation tests, going back to 2007. And it is from that heritage and that experience bank that CampaignFX has been developed, specifically for the Irish market.  

CampaignFX helps to address the relative imbalance between radio advertising and digital platforms by providing radio advertisers with more comprehensive and reliable data on the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With CampaignFX, radio can now offer clients a qualitatively better data-driven approach to advertising evaluation that even digital platforms struggle to achieve. This means that radio advertisers can now access more comprehensive data on the effectiveness of their campaigns across a broad range of brands and product categories. The methodology benchmarks the performance of a brand against its competitive set and uses a tried and trusted Test versus Control sample methodology to determine heavy medium radio exposure versus light/non exposure in terms of campaign outputs.

The research has collected a very significant amount of data on 31 brands across 5 different product categories (personal banking, TV streaming, fast food and delivery, general insurance, health insurance) over a short period of time.

The chart below shows advertising awareness for the personal finance category from last September. For each brand, there is an uplift in brand awareness for the test group (heavy medium radio exposure)compared to the control group (light/non exposure).

Research across markets globally has shown that radio delivers a brand multiplier effect where radio is supercharging or sensitising consumers to everything a brand is doing across all channels. The chart below helps understand this by showing the uplift rate for brands A, Band C in terms of consumers saying whether they have heard or seen any advertising from these banks recently. All of the brands are posting a significant uplift rate for consumers more exposed to radio. Brand B had significant more uplift compared to competitors and the Nielsen adspend data showed that Brand B had significantly higher share of voice compared to its competitors during this period. The research is showing interesting correlation between radio share of voice and uplift rates in key metrics like advertising awareness.

The research explored this further by looking at ad exposure uplift in terms of answers to the question which banks do you feel have done a lot of advertising recently. This is a perception question in terms of consumers sense of the level of advertising among different brands. The people exposed to more radio advertising have almost 3 times the uplift for this question. They are way more likely to think a brand is active in a market when more exposed to radio advertising.

Looking at more bottom of the funnel response metrics, brand B with the highest share of voice on radio also had a significant uplift. People more exposed to radio advertising were 19.4% more likely to agree with the statement have you used an app or visited the banks website in the past 4 weeks and 93.,3% more likely for search based behaviour, stating that they have searched online for information about this bank in the past 4 weeks.



You can find more information by clicking the buttons below to download the presentation or watch the full webinar.

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CampaignFX for Ireland is built based on the vast experience gained from a project in the UK called Radiogauge And it is from that heritage and that experience bank that CampaignFX has been developed.

Jason Brownlee
Founder, Colourtext

Watch webinar here
Download presentation here

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