Take your radio on a holiday - recent research highlights the importance of radio for the holiday industry

Ads with Impact

43% of Irish adults think that advertising for holidays in Ireland is best suited for radio.


-       Men are more likely than women to opt for radio for domestic holiday advertising, while under 35s and over 55s score higher than other age groups.


23% think that advertising for holidays abroad is also best suited for radio.


-       Under35s score higher in this regard, with 1 in 3 saying radio works best.

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Something Different


46% of adults think that advertisers should use radio to persuade people to choose a different holiday provider.


-       Those aged 35-44 with young children are more likely to say radio is persuasive, while people living in Munster are more open than others to switch holiday providers as a result of radio advertising.


It’s Emotional


43% of adults say radio helps them relax, and 38% say it broadens their mind – just like going on holiday.


Moreover, one in three adults say that they can do other things while absorbing the advertising on the radio, like packing a suitcase for example.


And don’t forget, 42% of Irish adults regularly look up information online about things they’ve heard advertised on the radio.


So if you’re in the holiday, leisure and entertainment sectors, now is the time to reach Irish holidaymakers planning their next, well earned break in Ireland or abroad.

More details about the research here

Where Next?

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