With over a million adults listening to radio at any one time, Radio audiences are at an all time high

One of the critical metrics to measure the strength of radio is the average audience listening at any one time. The latest JNLR release for the period Jul ’21 to Jun ’22 reports that on average, 1,055,000 are listening to radio at any time between 7am and 7pm on any weekday. This is a phenomenal figure and is the highest audience recorded in recent times (along with the average audience of 1,059,00 recorded for the overlapping May 21 to Dec ’21 period).

To think that at any one time, at any part of the day, over a million people are listening to radio is hugely impressive, considering the choice people have today and the busy lives they lead. The complimentary nature of radio is a real unique advantage as busy people actively consume radio, while still doing other things.  

Yes, the population size has increased over time which does help the overall radio audience number but the levels listening to radio have remained incredibly robust. Ten years ago, the 2013 JNLR reported an average audience listening to radio at any one time (7am-7pm any weekday) as 958,000. Over the ten years, choice has exploded, yet, radio’s average audience has increased by 97,000.In 2013, with a smaller population, the percentage of people listening to radio at any time during the day was 27% of all adults. In the latest JNLR (Jul ’21 to Jun ’22) the percentage listening at any time during the day has only dropped one percentage point to 26%. The prediction by some that technological advancements would reduce radio listening levels has not come to bear.

One might expect that while the average overall audience has significantly increased, there would be a large drop in younger audiences, but the research shows this isn’t the case. In 2013, the average 15-34 year old audience listening at any one time during the day (7am-7pm weekday) was 242,000, 19% of all 15-34 year olds. The latest JNLR records the average radio audience for 15-34 year olds at 17%, a drop of only 2 percentage points.

Radio listening is booming and the recent JNLR figures are a great reminder that Irish radio is a central part of people’s lives, young and old.

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