Karen Nelson-Field to speak at Radiocentre Ireland webinar on advertising attention and the role for audio

This highly informative morning session focusses on a topic that is increasingly become critically important to advertisers and agencies - measuring the real impact of advertising on people. We will hear from Karen Nelson-Field, the founder of Amplified Intelligence and author of the book The Attention Economy and How Media Works. Karen will explain how the media ecosystem is broken, and that advertisers are paying for an opportunity-to-see but proxy measures fail to measure audience attention. She will show how her team are using attention metrics to drive quality in all areas of the media ecosystem and this work is now also focusing on audio. We will also hear from Peter Pynta, CEO of Neuro-Insight APAC about how 90 percent of decision-making lives within the subconscious but today's strategy and marketing decisions are based off conscious self-reported data. He will talk about the importance of understanding how brands affect long term memory and emotional responses and the impact of audio in influencing decision making.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field

Professor Nelson-Field is a globally acclaimed researcher in media science. She is a regular speaker on the major circuits, including Cannes and SXSW, and has secured research funding from some of the world’s largest advertisers. Her first book, Viral Marketing: the science of sharing, set the record straight on hunting for ‘viral success’. Her most recent book, The Attention Economy and How Media Works, explains the stark reality of human attention to advertising. Her research has been noted in The NY Times, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and AdAge. She has a regular column, Attention Revolution, with Mediatel News. Karen’s commercial work combines tech and innovative methodological design to build attention measurement and insight products to guide the industry through a disrupting digital economy.

Peter Pynta

Peter has worked in the media, advertising & research business for the past 28 years & is currently CEO, A.P.A.C. at Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd. In a career that has spanned media, sales & research roles, Peter has specialised in the development of business units that provide highly actionable consumer research & media insights within companies like News Corporation, Nielsen, the Ten Network & the Nine Network. A recipient of the Advertising Research Foundations’ Great Mind Award, Peters’ work continues to focus on innovations that unlock how advertising works – empowering advertisers globally with solutions that optimise the effectiveness of contemporary marketing communications

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