Radio is best at driving brand conversations according to a new study

Radio's ability to drive consumer conversations about brands and its impact on purchase intent and achieving brand goals are examined in a new study commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau in the U.S.. Conducted by data and analytics firm Engagement Labs, the study found heavy radio listeners engage in 4.7 billion weekly brand conversations, outpacing heavy users of other media channels, including TV, social media, and publishing.

For the study, Engagement Labs defines brand conversations as self-reported, brand-related conversations consumers have that happen face-to-face, by phone or through digital communications. The study found that radio dominates brand conversations across 15 business categories, including sports, financial services, food & dining, healthcare, media & entertainment, and technology. Engagement Labs defines influential consumers as the 10% of the total public that “may engage in 2-3 times as many brand conversations as others.”

“Heavy radio listeners stand out as influential consumer influencers, driving more impactful conversations among a group that have an amplified impact on other people’s purchase decisions,” the report says. “This trait reaffirms conversations as a tangible asset, capable of propelling significant bottom-line growth for an advertiser.” The study found that just over half (51%) of brand conversations among heavy radio listeners result in an intent to purchase.

“The findings highlight the value of conversations, their conversion to sales, and the necessity of nurturing them, corroborating these insights within the realm of radio,” the study concludes. “With radio's ability to amplify conversations, engage everyday influencers, drive purchase intent, and foster dialogue on crucial issues, its role as an indispensable tool for brands and advertisers becomes undeniable. To maximize this potential, we must recognize, measure and optimize conversations as a primary asset, enriching the brand-consumer relationship and driving the bottom line.”

Commenting on the study, RAB President & CEO Erica Farber said, “Radio is often referred to as the original social medium because of its ability to engage listeners through conversation, entertainment and information. This study underscores radio’s ability to drive word of mouth brand conversations for advertising partners, more so than any other media.”

Click on the link below to access the full report.

Download the full report here

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