Insights on why Proctor and Gamble are increasing investment in audio in the U.S. market

Siobhan Sloane, SVP, P&G Planning, Carat USA highlights that the U.S is a very mature advertising market and within that, audio has grown very significantly over the past 4 years and is predicted to continue to grow at strong levels.

Proctor and Gamble’s  audio budgets have increased by 70% over the past 4 years. And P&G’s continually investment in audio is a key component in driving the overall growth of audio advertising spend in the U.S.

P&G look at audio very holistically, including the key elements of live radio, streaming and podcasts in their planning. Audio serves the following purposes for P&G brands:

Incremental cost efficient reach at scale

Contextual relevance


The power of the radio personality has been a big components of P&G’s campaigns. Live reads are increasingly important where the terrestrial audio talent create content which integrates into audio programming naturally. The power of the personality extends to podcast hosts that really give credibility to the brand and deliver a far more organic interaction.

P&G measure and validate their audio investment and they truly understand the contribution audio plays towards their overarching business goals. Having this validation has given brands the confidence to continue to invest in audio. Yuo can watch siobhan's presentation below:

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